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Alex Cooney is the former Senior Constable best known for inspiring the movement Cops for COVID Truth.


In a letter to the NSW Police Commissioner in October 2020, he questioned the “unlawful and unjustifiable” enforcement of COVID restrictions.


The letter catapulted Alex into the public spotlight and led to his decision to resign from the force so he could keep speaking out.


Alex served for 12 years in the NSW Police. Today, he spends his time encouraging officers to think critically about the COVID narrative, and restoring community trust. He currently lives near Yamba with his partner and son.


Former Senior Constable. 31 years service.

I joined the NSW Police Force in 1990 and performed street level, uniformed duties initially in General Duties before transferring to anti theft and in 1998 to the Highway Patrol.

I devoted the next 17 years to the reduction of road trauma through the HWP with regular secondments into strike forces and target action groups dealing with drugs, violence and gangs.

In 2015 I joined the State Crime Command Highway Patrol, assisting investigators dealing with organised crime. I refused to engage in any form of covid enforcement and well prior to the mandate for police to be vaccinated, I walked off the line in late July 2021, unable to follow the direction of my department.

I left the NSWPF, tendering my resignation in September of 2021. I did this in order to raise a voice for both the public as well as the officers remaining behind, who are expected to enforce the draconian Public Health Orders. As many of us know, these PHOs blatantly ignore the safeguards of the Federal Biosecurity Act 2015, and further, totally disregard the UDHR, the ICCPR, the Australian Constitution and the Nuremberg Code.

I was unable to remain a street level police officer under the current hierarchy and still remain within the legislated requirements of the Statement of Values (Sec 7, Police Act 1990) as well as the Code of Conduct and Ethics.

I stand for liberty, rights and freedoms of the individual and ethical and responsible law enforcement practices that allow police officers to be a pillar of society, rather than a tool of oppression.


I resigned from the NSW Police Force after having served proudly for 28 years.


 I had been a police prosecutor for the last 20 yrs having worked in the Local, Children’s and Coronial Jurisdictions. 


Since 2009, I have worked as a coronial advocate assisting the State & Deputy State Coroners at Inquests which in many instances resulted in recommendations being made to Government.


During my time, I also helped facilitate training for both General Duties and Detectives in coronial investigations. 


Over the years, I have received several internal awards for my dedication and commitment to this jurisdiction and was awarded in 2020 the Police Prosecutions Command Outstanding Achievement Award. 


A number of Inquests I have assisted with over the years have involved medical deaths and cross examination of various medical experts. 


I resigned on the 26th November 2021 due to my concerns surrounding the Commissioner’s mandate of the COVID 19 vaccines. 


I am not anti vaccination but a firm believer in the principles of vaccine safety, informed consent and bodily autonomy.


I have significant concerns too about the enforcement of PHO’s on the mental health of families, businesses and children.


Senior Constable. Spent 19 years in the QPS. Most of my service was country policing. In 2010 moved from general duties into Road policing now called Highway Patrol. Loved meeting people and cruising the open highways. Officially stood down without pay on the 1st December 2021 for disobeying a direction by declining the offer of receiving the Covid 19 vaccine. Applied critical thinking to the Covid narrative and things just didn't fit.


I joined the WA Police Force (WAPF) in November 2011. During my time in the Force I served in General Duties, Public Order Response, Detective Offices, Regional locations (including remote aboriginal communities) and in Intelligence roles. 

COVID-19: What started off as providing very basic public health assistance soon became about the WAPF being the strong arm of the State governments public health directions. Once the “vaccines” became available this then evolved into internal bullying and discrimination based on vaccination status. Soon us “unclean” officers were forced to wear face masks whilst on duty and prohibited from entering certain areas or units within the Force. 

Vaccine mandates: By December 1, 2021 all WAPF employees were required to be vaccinated to keep their job. The mental health impact I saw this take on my colleagues was gut wrenching. On Monday 15 November 2021 I tendered my resignation and left the Force with integrity and my personal morals intact. 

I will continue to advocate for the community of WA and Australia to demand an end to vaccine mandates, an end to draconian health directions and restrictions and an end to vaccine discrimination. 

Liberty first, job second.


I was born and raised in Katherine, NT, in what I have come to realise is now a very different Australia. I am the youngest of seven (7) children who were all born in Katherine. Our family has had a long association with the Aboriginal people of Northern Australia with our grandparents having started the communities of Maningrida in Arnhem Land and One Arm Point, north of Broome, WA. Apart from five (5) years in boarding school in Charters Towers, Queensland, I have lived and worked in the Northern Territory. 


In 1998 I became a proud member of the Northern Territory Police Force based as a Constable in Alice Springs. I spent my whole policing career in the Southern Region and Alice Springs and undertook detective training in 2004. For seventeen (17) years I worked as a Detective in Alice Springs 'Criminal Investigation Branch' (CIB) with twelve (12) of those as a Detective Sergeant. During my time in Alice Springs CIB I have investigated various major incidents and crimes ranging from fraud to homicide. A good percentage of my time was also spent in the area of drug investigation.


I have received multiple Commissioner Commendations and other citations for the work I had led, undertaken and been involved in.


At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, I had serious concern with the way in which the police response was being rolled out. I asked questions of our command and had minimal adequate response, this caused me great frustration and I spoke publicly at a freedom rally in Alice Springs in mid November 2021. This ultimately led to my resignation on 3 December 2021 and then being locked out of the Alice Springs Police Station the next day. This action precipitated my email and video message to the Commissioner of Police detailing my no confidence in his command.


Just to be clear, I am not anti-vaccination, I never have been. I am actually double vaxxed at the moment. I am a firm believer in the freedom of conscience, that everyone has the choice to make whatever decision is appropriate for them based on sound informed advice or simply their right to choose. I have significant concerns as to the reasonableness of the 'Chief Health Officer' directions in the Northern Territory and around Australia, and their impact on the basic human rights of every person in this country and our descent into 'Rule by Law'.


During this time it has been my faith in Jesus Christ that has held me in this COVID storm which is ripping through our country. We are seeing an attack on every level of society as we know it, from the physical to the spiritual. If you have never read the Bible, then I encourage you to do so, and for me Psalm 91 is pertinent in these times, 'I will say of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust"...


Regardless of where you stand in relation to your faith, it is your spirituality which no man can take from you and it is your freedom that no Government should ever take from you.

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